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Dolby Digital 5.1 Downmixed In Toast 9



Good afternoon,


I am trying to burn a DVD Video using .avi and .srt files. I can create the DVD VIDEO but although the source .avi files all have AC3 sound the final DVD VIDEO onlt has Dolby Digital 2ch.


Can anybody please tell me what i should do to get AC3 sound on the final DVD VIDEO? Am i doing something wrong?


Thank you very much



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Here's what you need to have in order for Toast to mux the video and burn to DVD without encoding:

1. Dolby Digital 5.1 AC3 audio file

2. MPEG2 video file


If you have Apple's Final Cut Studio or Final Cut Express, you can use the Compressor program for encoding your video to MPEG2.

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Thank you for such a quick answer.


Are you telling me that i cannot burn my DD 5.1 .avi files and create a DVD VIDEO on Toast 9 because the sound is always dowsampled to DD 2 ch Stereo? Is there any way i can achieve my goal, which is to create the DVD VIDEO with DD 5.1 sound?


I am sorry for all the questions but i am only 1 week new to MACINTOSH world.



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I am really having problems with this...


I also tried to create a VIDEO_TS folder containing the files i needed, using FFMpegx, and burned the DVD VIDEO using that folder. I managed to get the desired 5.1 sound but the image quality was awful, very bumpy like it had a diferent frame rate.


This is what i have and i want to do:


1 - I have a DD 5.1 (name).avi file

2 - I have a (name).srt file

3 - I want to join the 2 files thus adding subtitles to the .avi file

4 - I want to create a DD 5.1 sound DVD VIDEO which i can play on my living room DVD Player


Can anybody tell me which software and preferences i should use to achieve this?

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