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Labels, Labels, Labels



I still use version 7 to make Lables for my CDs for a number of reasons

1) The print preview in version 9 is shared with the editing window and really too small to notice subtle changes

2) It's far more difficult to add multi-line text boxes (where I could add a line with Shift Enter in v7)

3) I have been printing headers for my CD envelope holder in the area below the booklet. I can't seem to edit in that area in v9


I'd like to upgrade to version 10 and Vista, but later versions of Label Creator seem far less capable to me.

Any other opinions out there about the latest version?


Thanks in advance. MewsMan


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All the recent versions have two labeling programs - The Sure Thing labeler, and Roxio Label Creator.

The latest version is version 11 [Roxio Creator 2009]. - If you buy 10 online you will get version 10.1.


Label Creator 10.0 can load and use .JWL files saved by versions 3 thru 10.0.

Label Creator 10.1 and 11 cannot load .JWL files saved by 8, 9, or 10.0




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