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Very Slow Dvd Burning




i don't know what happened,

my dvd burner was ok...

but now i can't burn even 1 dvd

it's very verrrrrry slow. more than an hour.

& it always fail in the data verification.

i have roxio creator 9 DE on my dell laptop with vista... i uninstalled roxio & reinstalled it.

but the same problem.

i tried different media...

same thing.

i don't know what happened. maybe i installed something that changed something in my vista settings?

i uninstalled my "daemon tools". but the same problem.

i remember i installed "macdrive" on my vista (a program). but i uninstalled it weeks ago.

why it's burning soooo slow? (& why it failes in the data verification)?


(i "even" tried other famous burning software but with the same problem. & everything was ok until now...)

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Go control panel, system, device manager and uninstall the IDE controller - it may have got set to PIO instead of DMA.


Uninstalling the controllers may seem drastic, but when you reboot, windows finds them again and normal;ly installs the correct ones

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