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I bought Photoshow Deluxe 5 from nero when it came out. I had Deluxe 4 before. I know that Roxio bought out photoshow. My key is no longer working. If I buy Photoshow from Roxio will I be able to burn my photoshows on a DVD myself, or do I have to buy the DVD from Roxio? I burn photoshows of all the things my grandkids do. If I have to buy the DVD, I can't afford it. If someone can answer me I would appreciate it. If I can't burn the DVD myself buying the prgram from Roxio won't help me....


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This is the Easy CD and DVD Burning (in Red Box) "Vista Compatible" forum. This software does not contain Photoshow, and the members here are users of Roxio software rather than executives who are privy to Roxio policy.


In other words, although we'd love to help you, you're posting your message in the wrong place. You should contact www.roxio.com for the answers to your questions.


Thank you,


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