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Can't Burn Cd's





I edited some music in sound editor, finished and clicked on burn cd, the drive recognizes my blank cd, I click burn and i get a n error message and the drive opens, "insert a blank CD", I have tried two different brands of cd's and still the same. I also tried burning in music disc project and same result. Please help! Driver for Drive is updated as well.

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If you happen to have more than one drive, make sure when you click on "Burn" that you have the bland disk in the correct drive. All the drives on your computer will show up on the screen when you click on Burn. Also make sure that the disk is the correct size for the amount of time for the audio file you want to burn. You suggested that you are using a CD-r disk which will hold 80 minutes or 700Mb of files. I would guess that is more than sufficient for the audio you are attempting to burn.



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Tsst tsh552l by samsung

CD-r, by comp usa and HP

Throw out those CompUSA discs and buy a good brand. HP doesn't make their own so you could get good ones and bad ones. Verbatim or TDK or T-Y are considered to be "better"


Where did the music cuts come from? Remember if they are from an on-line store, you must use the program that came from the music site to burn the discs. What format are they? Best bet is to output them from Sound editor to a wav file and burn from the wav files.


Is that the correct designation of the drive? I found one close on the Samsung web site but not exactly the same (found the "U" ut not the "1" or "I". You may need to update the firmware for that drive. If you do so, follow the instructions exactly.

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