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Use Same Image On Dvd Background And Label



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I am assuming you are using MyDVD, and then Label Creator.


There doesn't seem to be much by way of choice of artwork in Label Creator - perhaps others may be able to point you to a download or make other suggestions. If not, then a work around you may want to try is:


In MyDVD, right click on the menu style you have chosen when it appears in the preview window. On the pop up menu select 'edit menu backgound'. This will open up the image in Videowave.

Right click on the image in the large preview window and select 'extract image'. Save the image as a picture file.

In Label creator, you can then use this image as your artwork on the label. Although it is a rectangle, you can drag the corner to enlarge it enough to cover the round shape of the disc template. You will probably lose some colour definition, and obviously, the bits of the image outside the round shape, but it will be recognisable as the same artwork.


I don't know whether the image can be manipulated in the Photo programs included in the suite to improve quality etc. as I have not used those elements.


Good luck




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