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Roxio 10 Dvd Player Fatal Crashes System Full Screen



Hello and thank you in advance for your help,


I have Easy Media 10 installed on an Asus M2N-SLI baord, NVIDIA Gforce 5600 graphics card, 500G harddrive, 4G system memory. OS is WinXp sp2 w/ latest DirectX 9.


I dont know if this info is needed but I have installed: Phillips TV tuner card (w TV Expert software), Dvix/Xvid, PowerDVD and various other audio players and editors installed.


I did not have any problems viewing dvds or any other video media or have any types of video crashes or even get any system or individual program crashes until I installed Roxio 10 at all. It was the last software I installed before this problem began, so I am assuming that this is the cause.



When I place in a dvd it brings up cine player automatically as the default player now. sometimes it will play a dvd, sometimes it crashes system. but when i go to full screen in Roxio or any of the various dvd playing programs it immediately goes to blue screen and shuts off the computer every time.


When its powered back up i get the message" Your computer has recovered from a Serious Error and a spybot message box appears in the lower right that says LASH KERNAL FAULT ERROR"


The message from windowsXP reads:


BCCode : 1000000a BCP1 : 00000016 BCP2 : 0000001C BCP3 : 00000000

BCP4 : 805021DE OSVer : 5_1_2600 SP : 2_0 Product : 768_1






I have no idea what this means. But I am not able to use any programs at all to view DVDs or any video media in full screen and some wont even play them now.


I have the display settings on 1024x768 but have tried it in higher and lower resolutions and it still crashes


When I place a DVD into the drive:


-Winamp5.4 simply blue screens and powers down the system. i cant run the visuals full screen either anymore.

-Power DVD - I can use but not full screen.

-Windows Media Player will play video, but not full screen

-Real Player11 I havent tried because im sick of system crashing.


Strangely, I have Syntrillum Snoqualmie 1.0 for a screen saver and it works fine without crashing PC. So i really dont understand.


I also have a lot of information that im afraid of losing from any damage from the system crashes. I dont know if crashes would harm the OS or harddrive or not but im scared to take a chance. so id like to resolve this or remove Roxio. I really like the software and would hate to lose the features. specially since it was a LOT of money for me.


also, when I try to play ANY Video (non DVD) full screen now, i get the same crash and error messsage. I have not tried reinstalling roxio yet and have no other issues with any of the roxio software other than an occasional but not frequent crash from all roxio programs.


I looked but didnt find anything similar on this forum or any others about this issue and your help is greatly appreciated.


thank you for your time and help,


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Update the drivers for that graphics card if you haven't done that already. Using the NVidia control panel, set the card's performance cowards best performance and away from best appearance.


You can also disable video acceleration for CinePlayer in your Control Panel area and/or in the options for CinePlayer.


You can do it system wide by using Start>Programs.Run> type in dxdiag> Click OK. Go to the display tab and turn off the acceleration. The acceleration , as I understand has to do with use of buffers -- full acceleration may not be the best. In fact, one screen capture program -Camtasia Studio- recommends that video acceleration be turned off.

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