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Create Fit-to-dvd In Fewer Steps?

Eric Gold


I regularly create video files using EyeTV and automatically transfer them to Toast for burning to DVD. However, most of the time the files are larger that 4.4GB and thus won't fit on a DVD. My solution has been:


1. Create Disk Image in Toast

2. Mount the Disk Image

3. Use Toast's "Fit-to-DVD" compression feature to burn the DVD from the image file


Is there another way to do this that avoids the time-consuming, disk-space-hogging, intermediate step of creating a Disk Image file?





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What you are now doing is the easiest although I'd choose the Image File setting in the Copy window to initiate the Fit-to-DVD from your .toast disc image file.


Depending on your EyeTV you could change its settings to record at a smaller file size. Also you can choose always re-encode in the Toast custom encoder window to have Toast encode the video at a lower bit rate that fits the DVD.

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