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Creator 2009 On 512 Mb?



Absolutely, However…

Listed requirements for Creator 2009, Here, strike many as too low, but are they?


From the tests I ran, it would seem not.




The test at 512 MB also included Firewire (1394) capture in both DV AVI as well as mpeg2.


Likewise Plug & Burn was done too (Capture and Burning to DVD at the same time)


However! I was running a PC with a 3.0 GHz Pentium 4 and did NO Multitasking during any of these tests!


I would suspect that if you were to try the same tests with a Celeron or a CPU of 1.0 GHz you are going to see greatly increased times and something like the Plug & Burn may fail.


But it must be understood that you cannot buy a new PC for $500 and think for one minute that it is going to run like a $2,000+ PC!!! Or that a 2.0 GHz Celeron is going to perform like a 2.0 GHz Pentium 4!


Of Note: My Video Card is not the best and there was no significant difference between Software or Hardware Rendering. There would probably a greater spread between them if a better card were available.


In all cases except the compliant mpg file render, CPU was running between 98 and 100%


And yes, that 15 minute render with a competing product was pretty impressive! The 1:20 hour render, less so!


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Those are some pretty good tests Jim. Times are not out of line I don't think. However, as you stated, that is one computer running a certain type of hardware. Anyone running a similar setup will very likely get pretty much the same results. AND---if they are running a setup that is a top of the line computer, they will very likely get better results as you so stated.


So anyone checking out the video and MyDVD render times of their specific computer should be aware of some of the suggestions and caveots that Jim has made. But it sure shows that 512MB will suffice for Creator 2009 given a similar computer setup. Good tests Jim !! :)



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