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Popcorn And Uncompressed Dual-layer Images



I am very close to just moving on to another piece of software. I teach tv/film and use the same dvds all the time in my classes, therefore i back them up all the time.


with the newer dual-layer discs, popcorn can only burn from a DL VIDEO_TS folder. It WILL NOT create an UNCOMPRESSED image from a dual layer disc. it tries to compress it all the time. I have a dual layer DVD burner (Pioneer 111D) with requisite media and can burn DL discs. However POPCORN wont let me create dual-layer IMAGES wihtout compressing them.


what's up POPCORN?


i am an unhappy customer.


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Yup...tried to burn a DL disc yesterday, and I was shocked to see it compress to fit 4.4GB--what use is that? (Yes, I selected "DL.")


Between that and the crashing under 10.4.6, Roxio should be congratulated for making the program totally useless. If this is some kind of plan to make us bone up for Toast or Popcorn 2, it's not going to work.

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