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Bd Authoring Questions In Toast 9



Long time toast user (but still on version 6). Thinking of upgrading to v 9 for blu ray burning. Just got my first blu ray player. Desktop model Sony BDP-S301.


I can currently burn HD mpg files as a data disk on standard DVDs with toast v6 and my desktop player will play the files just fine. I have to go into the system menu, and choose browse movies. But, my desktop player apparently can only play the first 2GB worth of the HD file. If I put mpg files larger than 2GB, it will play perfectly for a while, but will stop playback at about the 2GB mark (which is about 20 - 30 minutes into the file...depending on encoding quality).


Anyway, my 2 questions....I assume with Toast 9 with the BD plugin, I can create a seamless ~8GB "movie file" (for DL disks) in some form of "professional" BD format onto standard DVD DL disks, that will playback the entire disk without interuption? Also, it sounds like these are "seen by the desktop player" as "holywood style" blue ray disks, so they would "auto-play"? (as opposed to me going into my system menu and choosing "browse movies")


I would prefer to not have toast re-encode my mpg files (which, from reading elsewhere on the forum, this is not a problem when using MPEG Streamclip to export the hd file as a ts stream)

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I'll give this a shot - no promises though. I have burned and played files over 2 GB to blu-ray formatted DVD+DL discs without any problem. Also, in Toast 9 you can set it "play automatically" and it'll skip the menu completely.


As for the re-encoding, that may be a different story. I have a number of .mpg files that I converted to .ts files so I would have to re-encode them in Toast 9. Sometimes Toast doesn't re-encode them, other times it does. It always starts by simply multiplexing the .ts files (which is what it should do) but then starts converting them when (I'm only guessing here) it finds something in the stream it doesn't like. I haven't quite figured out why this is the case though.

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