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Cd Spin Doctor Post Install Problems



I upgraded to toast 9 (from toast 8) because of the desire to capture Internet audio from the net. As everyone seems to know, there's NO help or support for CD Spin Doctor (which wasn't easy to identify as the Audio Capture provider within the suite of programs included with Toast 9). Other comments on this forum say the help is minimal, but it doesn't even exist in my software. Roxio (aka Sonic Solutions) seems to produce good software, but their support is very weak.


Prior to discovering the Audio Capture capability (in Toast) I had searched elsewhere for a solution, finding a complaint against a similar product that the product worked great the first time, but would never work again.


After installing the downloaded Toast 9 upgrade, and the 9.02 patch -- and finding a 1 page instruction sheet link on the Roxio "support" page, for CD Spin Doctor -- I was able to record successfully from a clip found on utube. Also I was able to export the recording to itunes, where I was able to burn it to a CD -- which played successfully. I exported to itunes using a convenient icon on the CD Spin Doctor control Panel.


Then I tried to record something else, but failed to notice that there was no audio being plotted on the capture screen as the recording was being made. When complete, the recording was blank -- reminding me of the "It only worked once" comment on the other software. Somehow the initialization/installation of the capture utility seems to have lost its interface (path, object handle, or whatever) with the main CD Spin Doctor application. This is likely an initialization problem involving proper initialization (concerning an object handle connection from my web browser, Safari, and the capture object).


So, I know this is a complicated problem, but does anyone have any suggestions? I don't mean to go on and on about Roxio, but their software is almost impossible to uninstall, so re-installing it seems very risky -- perhaps it cleans up before installing (I hope!). I did opt for the 2yr download option. Maybe it concerns the sequence of launching Safari, Toast (If it needs launching at all), & CD Spin Doctor?


I noticed that DeepSeaSoftware, the authors of CD Spin Doctor disavow any support whatsoever, on their website.


Thanks for any help you can offer, and also information on whether this is a common problem...

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See if this works: Open System Preferences and choose the Sound panel. Is "CD Spin Doctor Capture Support" selected as the audio input? It should be when that gets selected in Spin Doctor.


Note also that you can use the Spin Doctor widget. Open Dashboard and select the Spin Doctor widget. Click the "i" button to turn over the widget where you can select the input source.




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New information -- I believe that my second attempt to record was accidentally attempted under my prior Toast 8 installation. I was tearing out whatever few remaining hairs exist in my head while trying to solve the problem; when I discovered that my 2 installations were, of course, "conveniently" listed right next to each other in the Finder -- with identical contents, including CD SpinDoctor. When I exited CD SpinDoctor (apparently the Toast 8 version), and more carefully launched the Toast 9 version, all was well again. Both environments appeared identical to my untrained eyes. Thanks for your suggestions 'tsantee' and I'll explore the widjet interface soon. I apologize for my mistake. Thanks again very much for your effort...

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