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How To Save Video To Computer(not Dvd) And Upload It To Youtube





I used DVD Express to create a little video on my computer using the "create folder set" method, but how can I upload it to youtube? Also, if I save it as an image, how do I view it as a movie and upload it to youtube?


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You can use the included Roxio Cineplayer to watch the movie by pointing to that folder set as the source.


For uploading to YouTube, I believe you have to convert that folder set first to a video clip (maybe as wmv or mpg file). Open Video Copy&Convert, select the Video Compilation tab. For the source, point to the folder set. For destination, create a wmv or mpg file (check youtube for other acceptable format).


Open Media manager, navigate to the folder where the created wmv/mpg is located, right click on that file and one of the options is to upload to YouTube.

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