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After Reading Mrbrendon's Replies



it appears i got the shaft along with the rest of the people that bought the red box =( weirdest #$^@ thing, i can burn AVIs from my camera to disk but not these divX AVI files =(


today i ask mrBRENDON

short of spending another $100 that i don't have on the latest and greatest version of roxio's software, any other alternatives to burn a divX coded AVI to disc??

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Grandpabruce and I have quite opposite views on this one.


I think it's reasonable to expect that a cheap version of a suite might have fewer applications, and it would be silly to expect that Easy CD and DVD Burning would have all the same applications that EMC 9 has. Also it's not uncommon to find some functions blocked in free versions of software.


Now the RedBox has fewer applications than EMC 9. That's fine, and to be expected. I couldn't even complain if some codecs weren't provided.

However, blocking the use of the most popular codecs in a retail product without warning the buyer is plain wrong, and the buyers got shafted.


Yaze, DVD Santa does a good job.





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