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Cannot Convert Copied Cue File



I have files on a hard drive that have the roxio logo next to them so that when I click on them Creator DE (don't know if this is creator 2009 or not, sorry) opens up. The file does not open up, just the Roxio program. These are audio files that I have they are:


CDImage(flac).cue and CDImage(wav).cue.


Checking the properties, it says they open with Roxio Creator and are CDImage CUE files.


There is also some file with an ffp extension.


What do I do to be able to convert them to a format such that I can listen to them off my hard drive.


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I have some further info. I was told to burn with EAC or Burrn, but wanted to check before doing that.


Also, could the bin file be one of the others that I have but with a different extension: I have one with an ffp extension and one called: CDImage.flac

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When you open a .cue file, it should automatically load up the corresponding .bin - if it fails to do that, either the file is corrupt or you don't have the .bin in the first place


flac isn't a CD format per se - it's an audio codec (Free Lossless Audio Codec) and is an open source application, but to open an image file with a flac extension, check here:



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