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Not Enough Temp. Free Space? Please Help!





Hi everyone,


Hope you can help me with this problem. It just started happening.


I am trying to make a dvd from a .mov film that has exported as same as source from AVID composer. the file is about 28gb and DVDit is just skipping the transcoding process when I try and burn it. This hasn't happened before. its always worked in the past, this is why I am so confused. Also, it is strange, because on the bottom it says that only half the dvd space is taken up (i'm using 4.7 DVD 5). So when I try to burn, it says, "burning" and then "canceling" and tells me the dvd space is too small. In the past it just went directly to the transcoding process. what's going on? why wont it transcode first like it always has?

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