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Hdv Video Only Passthrough Without Transcoding




I have read that some people with other apps have been able to capture

a sony 1080i hdv stream and demux the audio and video and have

the video stream pass through without transcoding.


Is that at all possible with DVDITPRO-HD?


Everytime I try it, it transcodes. I realize the audio being mpeg based, it

has to be transcoded but surely there must be a way to pass that 1080i

stream of video through?


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For bluray, I use adobe CS3 mediaencoder, the video on my 2 pass encoded files are running straight through dvdit pro hd without being reencoded.


The same goes for dvd creating, where also my exported 8 mbps mpg files out from Avid Liquid are running straight through.


I do the same steps. I always pre-encode my assets and make my own menus.

dvditpro-hd seems to work best when everything is already done. (the way I prefer to work anyway)



But I'm talking about going STRAIGHT from an captured 1080i HDV file

to Blu-Ray WITHOUT any encoding at all except converting the demuxed audio to .ac3


1440x1080 is a supported mpeg stream so I hear.



I have found a guide at videohelp but it only works with ts-remuxer.

I'm worried that it makes not fully compliant BD discs, since it works but doesn't

pass muster with DVDITPRO-HD.

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