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Video Wave Hanging, Again



I am seeing there are a few people having issues with Video wave hanging. Mine is giving me the message "Video wave has encountered a problem and needs to close" or something like that. It opens fine, and I can import a video and play it, but I have been trying to cut out parts for clips and that's when it hangs up. Usually when I have picked the starting and stopping point and hit "ok", but sometimes when I am picking the stopping point.


It was working fine when I first installed it a month or so ago, got a couple projects done. I have gone through the live chat, and the repair ticket process. Have updated the DirectX, the display drive, and put the Render mode to software. I have done the clean install and reinstall several times, no luck.


I am using Vista.


One thing I am wondering, for reinstall, I am using the same install icon that I left on my desk top from the original install, should I do that differently?


Strangely enough, I also started having trouble with burning in my Yahoo Jukebox about the same time.


I am not at all computer savy, in case you havent noticed.


Thanks in advance.



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Thanks for the reply Jim. I did do that procedure, based on instructions from the live chat. One thing I did notice the last time I did it, it says to disable all in the start up tab, but the Avast virus won't disable, will that cause a problem?


And also, is it ok to use the original installation icon from when I first downloaded Roxio? Or should I have deleted that also and reinstalled from another source?

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