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First Dvd Help--disc Space Indicator Seems Way Off




This is my first DVDit project and I've run into a quandary I haven't been able to find an answer to.


My video and audio together on the project total 1.62gb, this is what is shown in my file browser and this is what is shown when I import these two files (.m2v and .mpa) into the Palette.


But when I drag the assets into the Timeline, the disc space indicator reads 6gb, making my project unfeasible for me to burn.


Under DVDit Help, it reads "Note: The indicator shows an estimated value." But that seems like a pretty extreme "estimate." I am just worried that something is incorrect and I don't want to spend 5 more hours authoring and find out that I won't even be able to burn it.


Both these .m2v and .mpa files I am using were compressed through Sorenson as DVD_PAL_Sm.


Thanks for any help!


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Hi, again,

I managed to find a solution to my question and will share this for the knowledgebase.


I was told that DVDit will by default re-encode your files at the highest quality when burning them to a DVD, this will cause the project to be larger than the files used to create.


If the project is too large for what you would want, you can look in the File-->Project Settings-->Transcoding and set it to not re-encode the video files or make adjustments to the byte rates. Reading up on "VBR" and "CBR" (variable-bit rate and constant-bit rate) in the DVDit Help menu was helpful for me to get a grasp as what I needed to change and to realize the huge difference between my actual medial file size and the project file was not an error.



sometimes Sorenson encodes will spike higher than 9800kbs and DVDit will see the stream as being illegal. DVDit will always see MPA as being illegal. if your Project Settings are set to video at 8000kbs and PCM, you could potentially have a project that is 6GB in size.


Ah ha, it's the Sorenson as well. I will try exporting directly from Avid next time into DVDit and skip Sorenson. And yes, they were 8000kbs and PCM to begin with. Thanks!


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