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Adding A Menu And Selectable Subtitles



I have a bunch of VIDEO_TS files that I added selectable subtitles to. Now I want to put these on a single DVD together with a menu using TOAST 9 so I can navigate between them. However, adding menus seems to be only possible in the DVD-VIDEO mode and in this mode TOAST strips the selectable subtitles for some reason.

In the VIDEO_TS Compilation mode the subtitles are preserved but I do not see how you can add a navigation menu, which seems rather silly as it is precisely in this mode that you would want a menu.

Does anybody know a solution or am I overlooking something?

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I still don't know how to do it TOAST (if it is possible at all) but MovieGate will do it.

The latter also gives you more control over the nature of the Menu as it allows Video to be used as the Main Menu

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