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Toast 7 Titanium "medium Error"



Hey, Im pretty new to this but I catch on quick so if anyone can throw me some information I'd GREATLY appreciate it!!


Basically I'd like to back up all my movies(make duplicates to hide from my girlfriend), she has a bad habit of leaving my movies out and letting them get scratched up pretty bad haha.

I am using a Mac with OSX 10.4.11

I have a dvd burner that came stock in my Mac and, to my understanding, should be capable of burning dvds

I have Mac The Ripper to make my movies into a VIDEO_TS and AUDIO-TS folder...I ususally just use the Full Disc Extraction Mode (could this be my problem?)


Ok now that you know the specs heres the problem...

I use the Video option in Toast 7 Titanium, with the DVD-Video from VIDEO_TS setting

The Fit-to-DVD video compression option is enabled


I have tried this a few times now, but just after it begins "Writing Lead-In" a window pops up saying:

"The drive reported an Error:"


Sense Code = 0x73, 0x03


Then it says the disc failed to be written.




Im not sure if its Mac The Ripper or how I am burning them that is giving me all this annoyance, but I would really appreciate it if someone could help me get to copying my movies!

Thanks everyone!


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Medium error usually means the drive is having trouble writing to the disc. This can be because the disc is poor quality or that the drive's firmware is out of date. You might check Apple's site to learn if a firmware update is available for your drive. Also, try a different brand of disc and after the disc is inserted and recognized, choose a speed less than Best in Toast (such as 4X).


Your workflow should be to choose Save as Disc Image (Toast File menu) when you need to do Fit-to-DVD. Then select the resulting .toast disc image file using the Image File setting in the Copy window to burn the DVD.

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