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Avc H.264 Files




can anyone tell me if Creator 2009 ultimate will support 60 fields/s?


I have a Sanyo Xacti HD1000 Camcorder. At its highest setting it produces AVC H.264 1920 x 1080 60 fields/s files. I originally purchased Pinnacle Studio only to find it does not support 60 fps H.264. Does Creator 2009 Ultimate?


Thank you




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By the way, I think the fps is frames per second.


If you can't upload a video, I'll take some at 60fps tomorrow and capture it. I have the HV 30 wich is native mpg2 so it will not be exactly the same.


I'm not sure that the USB connection will work; you may have to load the mpg4 video files directly from the card to the computer.

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I think the confusion here is the difference between frames and fields


There are 25 frames per second in the European standard (misnamed PAL) and 30 on the North American standard (misnamed NTSC).


Frames are interleaved on a standard TV set - with two fields, giving 50 and 60 fields per second respectively


The reason for 50 and 60 is historical - in the early days there was a problem synchronising the picture on receivers with the camera in the studio, so someone had the bright idea of locking the sync to the mains frequency (on a national grid system that is a constant) - Europe happens to run on 50 Hz mains at 220 volts and North America is 60 Hertz at 110 volts :lol:

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After re-reading the original post, it is a bit confusing.


1080i is 30 frames per second interlaced (60 fields per second. Takes two 'fields' to create one frame)

1080p is 60 frames per second progressive

Thanks for your help. The Xacti Camcorders menu states 60 fields/s but I've interegated the file and you are correct the file is in fact 29.97 fps (frames per second). I have investigated further and there is an issue with the file compilation which I am taking up with Sanyo causing the audio to fall out of sync with the video when clips are joined on the camera and not an issue with Pinnacle Studio 12 Ultimate. However I still intend to purchase Creator 2009 Ultimate as I have all previous versions since V7 and as I see it outputs in H264.

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