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Multiple Burners Too Slow?



There are some posts that imply the ability to simultaneously burn to 2 or more burners is a make/break consideration to the poster…


I had a small run (6) of DVD's to make so I experimented and the results were not what I expected at all…


Using 2 burners my time was 11 minutes or a throughput time of 5 1/2 min. per disc.


Burning with just one Burner my throughput time dropped to 5 min. per disc!


So for my little project I would have been better off using a single burner. – granted that 2 minute gain could be wiped out by one mistimed trip to the bathroom…


But my real question is to those with multiple burners.


Have you actually timed your throughput or are you just assuming that multiple burners must be faster???


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Hello Jim,


I burned a series of 4.3GB ISOs to Video-DVD disc with Creator Classic 11 and timed them. All were burned with CC11 set to 8x. Results were about what I expected.


Using my usual two burners the average time of the burn was 10m37s. Using only one burner [the BenQ] average burn time was 8m16s.

I expected this difference, since the burners aren't identical so there is a bit of 'to and fro' between them when burning in multiple mode.


It shows that where you need multiple copies of a disc, there is a great time saving to be had by using something like Creator Classic and multiple burners.




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