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Can I Burn Hd Video With Standard Dvd Burner?





I purchased EMC 10 about a month ago and successfully created a dvd with audio and vacation pics. It took me awhile to figure out that I couldn't make a HD DVD using this program and the dvd didn't view well on a HD TV. Yes, I'm a tech-tard.


If I create High Definition video files using VideoWave, can I burn these with Creator 2009 as HD video using my standard Sony DVD burner? And, will they look alright when viewed on a HD TV?


If so, which file format should I use to create the HD videos? I'm unsure whether to use the AVC HD 1080i or the MPEG-2 HD 1080i options.


Any information is appreciated.


Thanks...Dawn Michele



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You have four choices when creating Blu-ray in MyDVD.

Blu-ray project

Blu-ray no menu

AVCHD on standard DVD

AVCHD on dtandard DVD no menu


I'm not sure if the first two options will work on regular DVDs or burners. Haven't tried it yet. But the other two work fine for me. These options create a Blu-ray format (UDF 2.5) which is not supported under WinXP so you would need a driver to play them back on the PC. I think that UDF 2.5 is already supported in Vista. Not sure, guess I could check that out later.


As to format, I think the Blu-ray option creates HDV and the other one is obviously AVCHD. Those last two will burn 42min of AVCHD video on 4.7GB disc. About twice that on 8.5GB disc.


Workflow: Always best to edit in Videowave and save as project file. You can then bring that Videowave project file into MyDVD to create the disc.

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Hi. I will be happy to let you know the outcome of this little experiment. But, I've been unable, so far, to actually burn a disc using this format.


I've tried twice now, but my computer slows to a snail's pace. I have about 60GB of free space on my hard drive and 4GB of RAM. But, after 16 hours of encoding this project in MyDVD (Creator 2009), it's only 20% complete. I had to cancel it so I could work this morning.


While it's encoding, my CPU usage is 100%. If I burn a disc with the same video in the regular DVD format, it's fine.


It's all very mysterious to me, but when I figure it out I'll let you know.


Have a great day...Dawn Michele

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Yeah, I'm thinking I need to free up my computer for about 3 days to get this burned!


Here's my basic info:


Pentium4 2.66Ghz


NIVIDA GeForce FX 5200

Windows XP


The file size using the AVCHD format is 4124.5MB (on LP setting). The file size using the standard DVD format, on the HQ setting, is about the same. There's 50 minutes of video in the project with a menu and sub-menus for chapters.


Thanks for all your input...Dawn Michele


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For hidef, your computer is under powered. I have an older Dual core at 3Ghz. When I render full hidef files, I get about 1 to 2 fps. Yes , frame per second which means for each second of video, it takes about 30 seconds. So that turns into hours of rendering. Rendering time may vary depending on the final output format like HDV or AVCHD,etc.

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