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Motion In General Menu Appears In Sub Menus



Hi and thanks in advance for any help!


I've got a problem using motion in background of my menus :

I want to have a video in my background on my first menu, and I want images/still picture (.jpg) in my second menu.


I've tried doing this and it seems to work fine when I simulate the menu with DVDit.


But when I try burning a real DVD it doesn't work:

The first menu with the video in background is fine, but on the second menu (a sub-menu of the first one really) i only get a still image of my background video, i don't get the background image i chose when generating the DVD.


Does anybody have anny idea why i would have such a problem?


I don't even know where to start searching... :huh: maybe a probleme with durations?


Thank you.



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Well I finally found a solution: I recreated my menu from scratch in a new project.

And it worked fine !

So i guess i'll never find out what exactly was the problem with my first project.

I'll never know if this was a problem with the software, or (more probable :glare: ) a bad handling of the software on my behalf.


In the mean time I suppose this topic is closed.




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