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Video Freezes After Converting From Video_ts To .mov



Hoping someone can help. I have a Sony HandyCam which takes mini dvd's. I took the Video_TS file from the dvd and converted it via Toast to a .mov. The .mov will play for the first 10-20 seconds...then will freeze for the rest of the .mov.


What is strange is that when I'm using Convert, I can preview the entire Video_TS within Toast...so I know there is nothing wrong with the Video_TS file.


I've tried several different disks...all with the same result.


Any idea why?





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It is probably time code breaks in the video. This can be fixed with the freeware application MPEG Streamclip (which requires Apple's $20 QuickTime MPEG 2 Playback Component). Open the video in Streamclip and choose Fix Timecode Breaks from the Edit menu. When that is done (in a few seconds) choose Convert to MPEG from the File menu. Use that saved file in Toast. There is no re-encoding so it goes quickly and doesn't affect quality.

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