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Can I Rip At 224bps In 2009 Rip Program?



Over the last year or more, I have been ripping all my music at 224bps in Roxio EMC 9. I now have Roxio Creater 2009.


For many reasons (consistency, ease of calculating/comparing file sizes, etc.) I'd like to continue ripping at 224bps in Roxio Creater 2009. However, 224bps is not one of the 5 options in the Rip program (the values are 96, 128,192,256,320).


The Rip advanced program in Roxio Creater 2009 might be an option but that program is quite awkard. I can't see how to rip specific tracks from a single CD (if seems to let you only pull in an entire CD (all tracks) at one time).


So, I'd be grateful if someone could answer the following two questions:


1. Can I rip at 224 in the regular CD rip program in Roxio Creater 2009?


2. Can I rip just specific traks in the Rip advanced program in Roxio Creater 2009?





(I'm using the Lame Encoder if that makes any difference).




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I only tried in Music Disc Creator (in C2009) and using the slider, I can adjust the bit rate to 224. I find Music Disc Creator just a bit more work but I you have more control over what you want to do. Either way, 256 is close enough for my ears but give MDC a try.


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