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I Need Support For Several Issues

Bill Hallahan

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My wifes system running Windows Media Center Edition 2005 got a virus, I reimaged it, and lost programs. The system is now restored, and is running McCafee virus scan.


I found that Media Center no longer had video codecs. Another web site informed me that the video codecs in your product also worked with Media Center, i.e. it used your MPEG-1(2?) codec, and that was what I needed for my system.



Because I was tired, on Thu, 18 Sep 2008 00:55:45 -0500 (CDT), I purchased:


Product SKU: ESD-CINEPLAYER2.3 Product Name: CinePlayer DVD Decoder + MP3

Creation Pack 2.3.1 - ESD Qty Ordered: 1 Amount: $19.99 CD Key: <CD Key omitted here>


which has file CineplayerMPEGComboPack231_SDC.exe.


This, of course, was for Media Player, not Media Center, and it was my mistake to order this, and so I thought I should eat the cost.



I realized my mistake shortly thereafter, and since I needed the correct MPEG codec, shortly after on Sep 18, 2008 1:07:03 AM, I then ordered:


Product SKU: ESD-CINEPLAYER3.2 Product Name: CinePlayer 3.2 Surround - ESD Qty

Ordered: 1 Amount: $49.99 CD Key: <CD Key omitted here>


which has file RoxioCPSurroundv3.2_RX2.exe



First, when I ran RoxioCPSurroundv3.2_RX2.exe to install it, even before it asked for a CD key, a message box came up telling me it was incompatible with your other product I had just installed. There was no warning on your site this was the case. So, I do NOT want the product CinePlayer DVD Decoder + MP3.


Second, when I uninstalled the CinePlayer DVD Decoder + MP3, and tried to install CinePlayer 3.2 Surround a second time, a message box popped up with the text:


"The key '<CD Key omitted here>' is not valid. Verify that you entered the correct key."


Of course, in all the text above, I replaced the actual CD Key with <CD Key omitted here>.


I then followed all the instructions at your support site, including confirming that the earlier CD key, which I had cut-and-paste from your download site, and cut-and-paste into the installation dialog, was the same as in the e-mail message you later sent. It was identical.


I ran the "Windows Install Cleanup Tool" and that didn't help. I then went through the system registry, and removed all Sonic, and Roxio registry entries (I was prepared to reimage my system again if necessary!) for the DELL installed Roxio and Sonic applications, and cleaned my Program Files area of the older Sonic and Roxio applications.


The CD key still did not work. I've tried 6 times since then without success, and once I even tried typing it by hand instead of cutting-and-pasting the text. I always get the same message.


I now have one product, which cost me $19.99, which I don't want since it'sincompatible with what you sold me later. And, I also have a second product that I want, that cost me $49.99 that won't install at all!


It shouldn't be this hard. I install products all the time, and while I rarely have had difficulties, I can successfully enter a CD key into a product, and have never had trouble with that. I think your system is message up, either your CD Key distribution system, or your product licensing. It should be more robust than it is.


I would be happy to supply my order number, the CD key, and anything else you need, to prove that I purchased this product. Of course, I won't post those things here.


Note, your first line of support is ok, but you should be easier to contact. I shouldn't have to go through the time and trouble to sign up to a forum to get help!


Thanks in advance,


Bill Hallahan

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Guest ivanatrox

Hi Bill,


We have a unconditional 30-day money back guarantee for products purchased directly from us. Since you made your purchase on 09/18, you are certainly within the refund period and can request a refund by calling 1-800-656-5443 or follow the steps provided by firenhancer above then click Return after you log in.


As for the technical issue you experienced, it actually looks like the DVD Decoder PAck is what you need, not the whole CinePlayer app. Media Center should pick up the mpeg2 codec installed by DVD Decoder Pack.



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