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Dv Capture Aborts After 15min.



DV capture works fine with iDVD and Quicktime but in TOAST 9 - it quits after capturing about 2.78 GB.


Also tried going back to Toast 8 and it does the same thing.


*tried the tape in a different (older) camera and same result.

*used different tape

*tried saving to a different drive

*repaired Disk permissions


Tried Trashing Preferences didn't change anything.


Anyone think of anything I didn't try?

- found an older post dated june of this year with the exact same issue but no resolve.

Made about 70 DVD captures last year without an issue.


Is it Leopard or Toast 9?


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I don't know but have you tried going to the Energy Saver panel in System Preferences and unchecking the option to put hard drives to sleep when possible?


Changed the settings as suggested thinking it made sense but...

Just attempted another capture and it quit after 2.9GB.

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