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L.e. Slow Speeds



I'm using a Dell XPS 400, and recently I've been noticing the speeds of the dvd's I burn (usually data like pictures and mp3s) are quite slow. I am using the Roxio Creator LE software that came with the PC. I have made sure the drivers and program are up to date. I've checked to make sure the "DMA if available" is checked on my IDE controllers. I've made sure the burn speed in the program is checked for MAX.


The discs I am using are a 50pk spindle of HP DVD+Rs, and this acted up in the middle of the pack so I dont think its a problem with the discs.


Usually it would burn at 8-12x and take about 10-15 minutes, now it takes about 40 minutes. It slow and often the drive has erratic speed fluctuations, ranging from 0.5x to 1.5x, but usually not much higher than that.


I've tried disabling the anti-virus that runs in the background, but that doesn't change anything. I dont think I'm maxing CPU usage as the monitor doesn't go higher than 40% when the DVD is burning.


The discs burn but it takes me alot longer and something must be wrong somewhere, but I haven't found anything that works. Even uninstalled the DVD burner and reinstalled it...still having the same problem.


I dont know if its my DVD burner or the program. I couldn't find an LE forum here so I just posted this here, hopefully someone can help me.


OK I have found a cure....

I was desperate because I had to burn 8 DVD+R's of data tonight and wanted to get some sleep.


Apparently my drive controller (IDE) was still in PIO mode because even though I selected DMA if avail from the drop down menu the current mode was always PIO, and I tried toggling with no luck. So I finally found an answer by searching around the internet, apparently I had to go into the registry.


The instructions are as follows:

Locate HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Class\{4D36E96A-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}

Choose 001 or 002 depending on if it's on the Primary or Secondary channel. Delete the MasterIdDataCheckSum and SlaveIdDataCheckSum registry values. Upon the next reboot XP reinitialized the DMA settings and the speeds are back to normal.


I still have no idea how it got messed up...but at least I have a cure. Finished the rest of the discs. Now I can get some sleep. To think I spend from 8pm to midnight and got only 4 discs done, but finished the rest by 1am thanks to the fix! :lol:








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