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C2009 Vs Emc9



Anybody care to post a comparison (functionality, performance, reliability) between Creator 2009 and EMC 9? I like to keep current where appropriate but also want to avoid spending $80* and getting more problems than benefits.


Thanks in advance,




* I realize Roxio offers a 30-day money back guarantee and that provides an opportunity to test drive the new software. However, before I go down that route I thought it useful to learn from the experiences of others.

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EMC 9 Suite does support burning of data and video to Blu-Ray disc. Supported recordable formats are: BD-R/RE and BD DL.


Roxio is always adding and removing features from the product set with each new version. Major bug fixes are also added to each new version.


If you are serious about C2009, then try the 30 day money back trial. Both products can be installed on the same PC so then you can see the differences.

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