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Old Cd-rs With Pictures Not Working With Creator 10



I am running Windowes XP professional. I have updated my soft ware to Roxio Easy Mediator 10 and am using 2 Plextor PX-716A DVD drives. I have 1000s of pictures on CD-r and CD-rW. When inserting them into my drives the drives do not recognize that any disks are present. I substituted one of the Plextors for an old Sony Re-writable drive and it still does not recognize the drive. How can I access the 1000s of pictures that I have on my CD-rs and CD-rWs. The pictures were loaded on the CD-r’s with Roxio Easy CD And DVD Creator 6 but even re-installing it does not work now.

Bruce Faubel


4flashman at comcast.net


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If a disc was Authored in standard format it is readable on any PC or MAC anywhere anytime unless the media is damaged. The Operating System is what reads the disc and there is no software needed to read one.


Fastest way to the bottom of this is to download a 3rd party repair tool and see what it turns up.


2 good ones are ISOBuster and CD Roller.


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