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Printed User Manuals,guides,(operating Instructions)

Jay Q Public

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I may be alone in this but my cause is that I have vision issues and it is physically painful to my eyes to read text off of a monitor screen for any length of time (In fact I am not looking at this at all) So I hope everyone will run with this on their own! The cost of mass produced software ls really high when you realize the hundreds of thousands ane even millions of copies that are released. Each moderately intensive program is usually around that $100.00 mark and yet no one is having a fit over the industries cheapness in providing a printed USER manual or Guide that tells you how to use the features and places like OfficeMax no longer offer the selection of How to Manuals for the programs. I just think every user giving up his hard earned money is entitled to PRINTED USER MANUALS the disc copy is pennies to make the Programs do their job but I bet there are many people who buy a retail printed boxed up sealed package who really count on the printed user guide to use and understand the program and get real frustrated that these software companies insulate themselves so thuroughly that you just don't want to buy another piece of software as long as you live!!! Please pic this up and push on all these software manufacturers I can't even proof read this all the monitor adjustments bleed out the text or my eyes as I have tried every adjustment to find one comfortable and it just isn't there Paper printed manuals may seem to some or to many as a eco-issue but it is a humanitarian one that is harsh against us who have visual issues! Thank you I'm sure there has been programs you really wanted a PRINTED PAPER MANUAL to read instead???

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