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Subtitles Issue



I'm having a problem with subtitles in DVDit Pro HD. (version 641B03A)


I have a project where I use two subtitle tracks (one for Spanish and one for English), and although the subtitles are imported without any issues and the emulation runs without any problems, there is always an error when creating a volume, exporting to disc or creating image for Blu-ray in this project.

The disc burning process was interrupted, either because of an error or because it was cancelled


To avoid losing your project, click the «Try Again» button to try burning the disc again. You may also click the «Cancel» button and then save your project.


Now the catch. The same project won't show any error windows when creating volume, disc or image for DVD.


When multiplexing the project for Blu-ray mode, the error appeared right after a window showing "Creating ES track" or something similar. This ES track is subtitle related, because I created the same project without the subtitles and this window didn't appeared when multiplexing for Volume creation.


My guess is that the subtitles are OK. When I import them, I get an "OK" window without errors. No overlaps... Usually 3 frames distance from one to another...


My original project had motion menus, two subtitle tracks and chapters. I started debbuging and removing some assets and programming until I had only one title for audio and video and one subtitle. It still had the error for Blu-ray multiplexing. After I removed the subtitle, the multiplex proceed without any issues.


Anyway, I'm making these available here, and you can see that they follow DVDit Pro's specifications in help file.


[id#][tab][start timecode][tab][end timecode][tab][text][cr]


The spanish subtitle uses the tab character for separation between id#, timecodes and text, and the english subtitle uses normal space for it - but both are imported seamlessly and without any errors.


Spanish Subtitle

1    00:01:16:23    00:01:18:09    Pasó una hora...
2    00:01:18:12    00:01:20:29    una hora y media hasta ahora,|sólo recuperándonos.
3    00:01:21:03    00:01:22:17    Ahora estamos velejando limpio,
4    00:01:22:20    00:01:24:10    para nosotros|la regata recién empieza.
5    00:02:23:09    00:02:25:13    Dos horas de regata aproximadamente.
6    00:02:25:23    00:02:27:10    El viento sopla hacia el este.
7    00:02:27:14    00:02:29:03    Aprovechar el nuevo viento|que está entrando,
8    00:02:29:07    00:02:30:25    que ahora viene de Ilhabela.
9    00:03:27:24    00:03:31:06    Ahora estamos en un momento delicado
10    00:03:31:10    00:03:33:16    de la regata Eldorado Alcatrazes.
11    00:03:33:19    00:03:36:09    El viento que estaba fuerte|durante todo el día
12    00:03:36:12    00:03:38:14    ahora perdió mucha intensidad.
13    00:03:38:18    00:03:41:23    La previsión de llegada|es sólo al inicio de la noche.


English Subtitle

1 00:01:16:23 00:01:18:09 It’s been an hour...
2 00:01:18:12 00:01:20:29 an hour and a half until now,|just recovering.
3 00:01:21:03 00:01:22:17 Now we have a clean sailing,
4 00:01:22:20 00:01:24:10 and for us the regatta|is only starting right now.
5 00:02:23:09 00:02:25:13 Approximately two hours|of sailing in the regatta.
6 00:02:25:23 00:02:27:10 The wind is coming from the East.
7 00:02:27:14 00:02:29:03 We must take advantage|of the comming wind,
8 00:02:29:07 00:02:30:25 which is arriving|from Ilhabela island.
9 00:03:27:24 00:03:31:06 We are facing a|very delicate moment now
10 00:03:31:10 00:03:33:16 in the Eldorado Alcatrazes regatta.
11 00:03:33:19 00:03:36:09 The wind, that has been strong|all day long,
12 00:03:36:12 00:03:38:14 has lost it's intensity.
13 00:03:38:18 00:03:41:23 The forecast is to arrive|at nightfall.

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