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Dvd Drive Disappears And Creator Locks Up



I am having a problem with the DVD drive, TSSTcorp DVD+-RW TS-L632D ATA, on my Dell Inpiron 1520 with Vista OS when running Roxio Creator DE ver. 9.0.116. I checked driver updates for the drive but it says it is up to date.


I open Creator and select "burn image". Insert blank DVD and burn it. It ejects when complete


When complete I click DONE. It goes back to project window.


I insert another blank and click the CONTINUE button to burn it. Sometimes I click CONTINUE as soon as I insert the DVD and sometimes I let the drive shutdown first.


From here it may work normal or may lock up Creator and the disc drive disappears from the Device Manager window which I have open.


When it locks up this is what I see and do. The drive light stays ON forever and I can hear the drive spinning. It will not eject with the drive eject button. I have to shut down Creator with Cntl, Alt, Del. The program Creator is still shown as running in the Task Manager Window even though it is locked up. Then I put the computer in sleep mode long enough for the drive to stop spinning.


When I awake the computer the drive is listed in device manager.


I restart Creator, insert blank DVD and burn it


I also tried putting the computer in sleep mode before shutting down Creator with C-A-D. After some time the drive will stop spinning but when I unsleep the computer, Creator is still locked up but the drive is not spinning. I shut down Creator with C-A-D and open it again. The DVD drive is not showing in Device Manager and when I click the button to burn the DVD it says “A suitable drive was not detected. Please attach a drive and try again”. I put computer in sleep mode and reawake. DVD drive now listed in Device Manager. Click Burn button and we are cooking again.


Here is another scenario. Put in new DVD and drive did not stop and disappeared from Device List. Shut down Creator before clicking the CONTINUE button to burn. Creator did shut down so it only locks up when trying to burn after the drive has disappeared from the Device Manager.


Also tried inserting and ejecting DVD several times in a row. It did not disappear from Device Manager. On the second and later insertions of the DVD Creator would become “not responsive” for 30 seconds or so then come back alive.


This time I tried shutting down Creator then restarting it before inserting DVD and it worked this time anyway. Still have 9 to go so will see if this works. Worked on second try but noticed that Creator showed “not responsive” for few seconds in device manager. It did burn OK. I burned several DVD's in this manner with no problem.


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