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Cd Won't Play On All Cd Players



Hi, I'm new at this so will appreciate any help I can get.

I use a Mac intel computer version 10.4.11

I copied a non-commercial audio cd using toast it appeared to copy ok.

It will play on my bose cd player at home but won't play on my car cd player.

I don't know much about audio formats but the songs were downloaded from Limewire as MP3 and transferred into my iTunes library.

I burned the songs to a cd using iTunes and then used that cd to copy another one using Toast.

I did this because the cd I burned using iTunes did not work on my car player but did work on my bose, I was hoping if I copied it with Toast it would correct what was wrong with it however it did not.


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It could be a media issue. Maybe the player doesn't like CD-R or CD-RW, maybe that specific dye that the manufacturer used, isn't within the compatibility range of what that player accepts.

If you used CD-RW, try CD-R. If you tried a no-name brand, try Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden. Some player are more picky than others.



Thanks theoldarchiver I figured out what I was doing wrong. I was burning my cd as an mp3 instead of burning it as an audio disc, it works fine now, plays on all of my cd players.

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