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Working With Final Cut



Hi, I'm looking for Blue-ray authoring software for work with Final Cut Studio, since DVD Studio pro included in FCS doesn't support Blue-Ray.

My question is, what are the best settings for Compressor to get the best possible quality (or if it's better to export uncompressed mov from Final Cut and let it transcode in DVDit)... I will not get into space troubles, because my projects will be max. 20 minutes with 7.1 surround...

Or is there some better workflow (use another compressor to create BD compilant files to pass trough DVDit)?

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there are a few encoder that works under MAC OS right now:


- compressor

- squeeze

- episode pro

- mainconcept


sqeeze and episode used to encode valid VC-1-streams, haven´t tested this, mainconcept reference could create valid AVC and VC-1-streams.


try the demo with watermark: http://www.mainconcept.com/site/prosumer-p...-20393.html?L=0


note: there is a small bug within the avc-encoder, that you need to know if you would like to create other bitrate that the preset. there is a hotfix for it.



at the moment you could say, that there is no professional BD-solution at the moment on mac. but this could change in the near future, who knows? maybe apple maybe someone else.


if you would like to create easy BDs and do not need to send it for replication you could use Adobe Encore. it´s a part of CS3-suite.




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