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Cineplayer Uncorrectly Displays Dvd-video



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Please give your PC specifications, especially video/graphics card. Do you have up to date drivers?

Have you tried turning off hardware acceleration (cineplayer, settings, Video tab)?

Does Windows Media Player play those DVDs correctly?


There is "fresh" installation of xpsp3 Prof. all is up to date. ati 4870 with newest 8.9 driver, 4G ddr2 ram, core2 duo over clocked 2.13@2.76 GHz, water-cooled, tv-card (win-fast pvr2), creative sb live, everything work properly.


WMP shows the same screen as cineplayer. In case of acceleration turned of, there is a black panel 4:3 format displayed in the centre of screen.



Best regards, zusio



All of this is shown here: http://img101.imageshack.us/my.php?image=c...displayslk8.jpg

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If WMP is giving you the same thing, this would indicate a problem with the video card. Make sure you have the latest DirectX 9 updates, too. Get those here.


As I mentioned before ALL is up to date.

Have you seen my attachment?


I have power DVD 6 de luxe installed and it works without any disturbance!!!!!!!!!


Regards, zusio.

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You say WMP uses the sonic cinemaster decoder. If you use Microsoft's video decoder checkup utility, I think you will find that the Sonic decoder is not compatible with WMP 10 (or 11), though it is with Media Center, if you have that. But the Powerdvd decoder should be OK, so make that the one used by WMP (which you can do in the decoder checkup utility).




Do you have the problem with several DVDs. or just the one you've shown?

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But both of this programs uses the same cineplayer's drivers.

WMP haven't his own dvd drivers, always are used the last installed, in this case there was cineplayers drivers.


Regards, zusio.

The word you should be using is "codec"; not driver. If it was the wrong codec, the video would not play not that it would be dark and pixelated. Download and run "gspot" on the video . It will tell you a lot about what kind it is and if you have the proper codecs.


For your video card, did you have the same problem with the earlier drivers? You might want to try rolling the card drivers back to the earlier ones. Some new card drivers are released and then found to have a problem. Those drivers were released only 10 days ago.


Did you follow the instructions to remove the earlier drivers before installing this updated driver. Check to see if the new driver was installed properly.


Have you checked your monitor to see if it is displaying properly?


I don't think it will help but make sure that you have the card set to best performance and the anti-aliasing and anisotropic filtering set to application (program) controlled.


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