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Music Disc Creator Crashes



I created with Music disc creator (EMC10) a music DVD with menus. As soon as I try to burn it to DVD (I tried ISO-file too, same result) after 76% this error message comes up:


Runtime Error

Program FIles/Roxio/Audio Master10/Music Disc Creator10.exe


This application has requested the runtime to terminate in an unusual way. Please contact the application support team for more info.


I reinstalled DirectX9 on the computer, but it didn't help.

One more question: The track titles are very short, can I add more description to the tracks?

Thank you

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When I first started making these discs back in V9 I had that problem and still get it from time to time.

Most often it ends up that MDC just doesn't like something about the particular track it's trying to encode at that point.

You should be able to look in the box and see whats encoding when it happens.It will tell you "Encoding Menus" or "Encoding Track xx of xx".

You should be able to figure out which track it's trying to burn and remove that one from the project.After that try burning again


If that doesn't work then Jim's suggestion seems reasonable.

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