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How Come



Just wondering why Roxio or one of the "Digitial Guru s" make a program to remove all of Roxio files and the resgistry,I have used a program like that from "McAfee" so i know it can be done Every problem fix seems to come down to uninstalling. (I've Done it about 10 times Following uninstall instructions from Roxio to the T, No virus program running also on All new installs. emc10 still will not work, I'm retarded i know) Roxio support comes up with the same uninstall for everything LOL and a list of programs not to have on your pc before install emc10. On the box it should say only install on newly reformated hard drive. LOL reading these same troubles over and over.


Vista™ Home Premium (6.0, Build 6001)64bit

Processor: AMD Phenom 9550 Quad-Core Processor (4 CPUs), ~2.2GHz

Memory: 5886MB RAM

ATI Radeon HD 3400 Series, Dedicated Memory: 249 MB

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There are a lot of problems appearing with Vista 64 - so many that it's very tempting to blame the OS.


I don't know why it should be so - but you have to bear in mind that the number of apps actually designed for 64 bit operation can be counted on the fingers (and still have ones left over).


The 64 bit OSs pit almost all apps into a '32 bit' folder and it ruins those in emulation mode - now as anyone who has used emulation will tell you, that is problematic in its own right - things which are supposed to happen either don't work properly, or don't work at all.


The 64 bit Vista seems to be a very temperamental beast (compared to the 32 bit version which has more than enough problems of its own)


I don't know what the fundamental kernel is in the 64 bit OS and how it differs from the 32 bit. I do know that XP Pro 64 used the kernel from the Server 2003 OS (and that in itself was a problem)


Now whether or not the 64 bit kernel is more fragile I can't say - but it's possible that something has happened to cause the installation problems

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checking my pc on PC PitStop.com the test listed Roxio program still listed on softwae installed on my pc this is after about ten clean uninstalls

a search of the registry came across


ROXCLSID and Roxio Central.file and RoxioMediaCapture under




could these be deleted??

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Almost certainly - they refer to a part of the Roxio suite - however, do NOT be tempted to start cleaning out all Roxio/Sonic entries - they supplied the built-in packet writing on Vista and if you are too heavy handed, you can knock that out too

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