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Problem Burning To Single Layer Dvd's



Just finished cutting my first feature film. 93 min. total running time. Exported a Quicktime Reference into Sorenson Squeeze 4.5, encoded at the default bit rates, and got an mpeg that is 3.91 gig and an aiff file that is 1.51 gig. When I load both into Toast titanium and try to encode/write, Toast tells me that i have no media to burn.


Now I obviously know that 5.42 gigs is to much to put on a 4.7 gig single layer disc, but i have checked Dolby Digital in the encoding settings in Toast. I thought Dolby Digital was about a tenth the size of and AIFF/WAV file, which should free up enough room to get the whole mpeg on there with room to spare.


Shorter tests have worked. And I can get the whole film on a DVD DL, but without the option of manual layer breaks in Toast, I am left with an awkward half second long freeze on a key shot.


Am I being an idiot?

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Unfortunately Toast cannot encode the AC3 audio unless it also is encoding the video. If you choose "Always re-encode" in the custom encoder settings window you will get the conversion. Should you do this I recommend turning on Half-pel as well.


Alternatively you could choose for Toast to Save as Disc Image and then use the fit-to-DVD feature in the Copy window to requantize the video to fit a single-layer disc. In this case you retain the uncompressed audio.


What I'd probably choose is to bypass Sorenson Squeeze and have Toast do the original MPEG 2 encoding with Half-pel turned on.

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