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Cmf And Aacs Confusion





I am a bit confused about the AACS issue. As I understand AACS is automatically added when writing the CMF,

i.e. there is no need and also no possibility to add any further AACS information in DVDit Pro HD.

But a major authoring studio (they use Scenarist BD) told me that you need to enter some information about the AACS into the authoring program i.e. a special code or key. Same as with the ISAN I was told.

Also my client tells me the authoring studio has to pay the AACS licensing fees. As I understood the content provider has to pay for this.

I am getting a bit nervous, because I have to prepare the master soon.


Any ideas?







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I'm a little lost right now, I hope someone can clarify this problem..

I completed a blu ray master with the valid CMF-images, delivered it to my client. Now my client informes me that the replicator(cinram) is asking for the AACS keys.(encryption keys?)

Do I have to provide them anything else?

What do I tell the replicator or my client??







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Tom, AACS on BD discs can get pretty complex. one can encrypt each title on a disc individually among other possibilities. DVDit Pro HD is one-click AACS. There are no options. We simply add AACS to the entire volume.


As to the costs, they are potentially substantial. AACS fees per layer (+ a per disc royalty), mastering per layer, possible authoring facility AACS fees (one time). you should contact a replicator and AACS to find out what you or your client is looking at.

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