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Creating Dv Files



Hello there!


I am new to this forum but not to Roxio software. My question is regarding the creation of AVI files from my analog camcorder. I have no issues actually connecting the camera or making videos from it using either DVD (LP, SP, or HQ), VCD, or DV . The issue I have is related to the quality of the DV files I can create.


When I choose to create DV files, the streaming of the video is choppy (it skips, pauses, etc) and the audio is not synched. I think my PC is not powerful enough but wanted to ask the gurus here to be sure. I think this is the case because I bought a Windows Vista optimizing software tool, ran it, it did improve my video capture performance quite significantly.


If I select another video format to create (DVD or VCD), these issues disappear and everything is fine. I just do not like the quality of the picture. DV seems to give me a much better output.


I am connecting my camera through Roxio's Video Capture USB connector that comes with the software package. My computer specifications are as follows:


Windows Vista 32 bit Ultimate SP1 - optimized for best performace

AMD Athlon 64 bit processor


ATI PCI Express Video card with 512 megs RAM

Primary HDD with over 100 gig of space (defraged)


Knowing this, does anyone have any suggestions on how I can overcome my issues with the video chopping and audio not synching? Should I be connecting use a Firewire device instead of USB?


Thanks for your help in advance,


Wes in Ottawa.

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Beats me! (none of us have seen this device)


I do not see any reason to suspect the device. The problems you mention are in the PC in all but the rarest of cases…


You did not mention the speed of your processor but assuming 1.5 or better you would also need to eliminate all competing CPU processes. The only thing going on during capture is capture.


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I have this exact same problem. I purchased the special edition creator 2009. I can record fine from the bundled usb capture device when using mpeg 2 recording (i.e. DVD HQ), but avi recording (i.e. DV) is poor. The picture is fuzzy and the sound is scratchy. Any ideas on how to resolve this problem?


My configuration:


Intel Quad Core 2.4 GHz

8 GB of RAM

Windows Vista Ultimate x64




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A couple of things off the top of my head...


1. Make sure that before you import video...defrag your hard drive. I am also with Jim...close down your AntiVirus and other extraneous services that might eat resources and take away from the capture.

2. When you are importing...there is a button below the video import screen where you can "Enhance Video"...I played around with this and keep it set to +3...it seems to give a really nice quality import.

3. Import Digital AVI when you can...gives the best output result. Mpg2 shouldn't be all that bad, either.




I wonder if the software you used to tweak Vista, may have actually been a bigger problem. Defragging the HD before a capture and burn always helps...no doubt. Also, clean up any and all temp files on your hard drive...clear your Internet cache and the like. Clean out your C:\Users\User Name\App Data\Local\Temp directory...when programs install or encode / decode like MyDVD...it uses that folder. To see the data in the folder...go to control panel...folder options...View tab and make sure to check "Show Hidden folders and files" This way you can access the directory I mentioned and clean it out...also clean out your Windows\Temp directory...if any system files are running in either of these directories...Windows won't delete them, so don't fear making a mistake. Keeping temp and old files off your drive is a way to assure that ANY programs will run better. Your system specs are NOT all that bad. You are only running 32 bit Vista, so it should not be that bad with 2 GB of RAM. Some other things you might do. Even though it's Vista...go to Microsoft Downloads and get the August Direct X update...it also includes updates for Direct X 10 (even though listed for DX9).




Also make sure that your video card and sound card drivers are up to date....especially your sound card.




You have more than enough ram to get the job done. Everyone remember...we are dubbing Analog input from Various sources like (in my case Old VHS Tapes and Hi8). My VHS are composite input video and my Hi8 is SVideo....in most cases you are NOT going to get pristine quality. If the original source is not of excellent quality...do what I suggested in the beginning of the thread...and play with the Enhance Video button. By default, it is set to +2...try 3...capture for five minutes...burn to a DVD and play it back on your TV...like it...go for it...don't like it ...try +4...keep trying until you find what you like.

Another thing...if you are capturing more than an hour of video...make sure to burn to DVD Dual layer....the larger the disk...the better quality you will get out of MyDVD. I have used MyDVD since version 4 and it is a GREAT program....gives excelent quality if you put excellent into it.


I run Creator 2009 Special Edition and the USB capture device on Vista Ultimate 64 Bit with 4 GB of Ram and don't have any issues with quality, unless my source tapes are very very old and are deteorating. Luckily my wife and I have taken exceptional care of our tapes...it is our only chronicle of our lives together and our family...so we really protected it over the years. Only used the highest grade tapes, etc....Cheaper the tape...the shorter the life of the video quality. More suggestions to both of you. The video capture software likes to capture to a default subdirectory on your hard drive. I created a directory on my C drive called DVD...simply C:\DVD. I import to that directory, which is specifically for that use.


The more you help out any program, whether Roxio, Nero, Pinnacle...or the like...the better the outcome. Try some of these suggestions and let me know if you need more assistance. I have been doing very good quality captures since EMC 7...you can too...


Good Luck



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Little to add to that…


The difference between mpg and DV AVI when using any USB device is (drum roll) absolutely nothing!!!


I finally got my hands on one of these and tested just that premise. No difference.


All conversion takes place in the device so the data stream is the same for both. Likewise, output will be equal since Both file formats are going to be DVD compliant to start with so they don't get re-rendered.


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