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High Speed Dvd+rw?



With CD's it was called High Speed if the write speeds were from 4X to 10X but I don't think there is such a "name" for DVD media…


I was browsing the shelves this weekend and came home with 2 Verbatim 8X DVD+RW discs ($1.99 each)


So far they have proven very problematic to use!


My Sony DRU-710A simply will not burn them!


My Benq is unhappy with them. Sometimes it burns, other times it won't…


As a last resort, I feed one to my Panasonic DVD Recorder – "Incompatible Disc"


My visions of having faster test media are fading 'fast'.


Anyone else try these?


Any luck???


Edit: Yes I did check for drive updates, there are none... When I can get a DVD Movie to burn on one, they do Play in the my Players.

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Curious, have you tried burning at slower speeds?

I've just about given up on RW media as dvd is just too cheap in quantity. However, Verbatim has never given me trouble but Imation has.....haven't tried any 8X ones yet but if I see one, I'll grab some and try myself.

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That kind of defeats the whole purpose of 8X media... :mellow:


3 seperate devices have trouble with it and a DVD Recorder only records at 1X.


I would give it a try but the local CC and BB don't have any DVD R/W media rated at 8X. I'll keep looking localling at some other PC shops (if they still are in business).




Is the below media what you tried?


8x 4.7GB/120 Minute DVD+RW Disc with Jewel Case


SKU: 702738

UPC: 023942950714

Mfr Part Number: 95071



Yes that is the stuff, I got it at MicroCenter in Saint Davids, PA.

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I just bought two Verbatim 8x DVDs R/Ws from the MicroCenter. I burned some mp3s using Creator Classic 9.1 on my desktop PC at 8x although Roxio indicated only 6x. The burn went fine the the DVD plays fine on my desktop and laptop. I also played it in my PS3. So far the 8x media looks good to me. :)


I did an append using my laptop and Roxio indicated 1.2x to 3.4x burn speed. Everything looks good on the laptop.


I also burned a short video on the same media and it plays OK on my PCs, PS3 and the Sony DVD/CD Jukebox.


Any other testing that you would like me to do Jim?



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