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Can't Burn With Mce Blu-ray Drive

Jim Elliott


I'm experiencing a frustrating problem with my MCE Blu-Ray burner for my G5 Power Mac. On paper it's a wonderful drive, and I'd love to burn BD video discs (that's why I bought the BD plugin for Toast 9). But whenever I try to do so, Toast gets started, and then quickly reports "The drive reported an error: Sense Key = MEDIUM ERROR, Sense Code = 0x10, INVALID BLOCK SIZE FOR COMMAND." And I have a coaster.


I have made sure the drive itself works, and the communication path: I can burn data Blu-Ray discs from the Finder just fine. But it never works in Toast. I'm running version 9.0.2 of Toast.


Help? Has anyone had success with this drive?

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Medium error would generally indicate compatibility with particular brand/type of media. What brand/type of media are you using?


I tried it with both Memorex and Verbatim BD-RE discs. And now, I have upgraded to a Nehalem Xeon Mac Pro with a direct SATA connection to the MCE burner, and upgraded to Toast 10, and the exact problem still occurs. I can burn these discs just fine (as data) from Apple's Disk Utility, it is only Toast that has problems with them. I wish that either Apple would come out with BD-video burning software, Toast would get fixed, or even that Toast would gain the ability to create disk images compatible with Disk Utility, so I could render them in Toast and burn them successfully with Disk Utility.


For now, I am stuck and frustrated.

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