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Gizmo fans, or anybody looking for a new camcorder (with a 5MP still camera thrown in).


Check out this:getting better


This is priced at about half of Sony's "cheap" HD camcorder.


This is so new that consumer reviews are rare, but affordable High Definition is near...


"...# True 720p HDTV (1280x720) MPEG-4 movies @ 30fps with stereo audio

# 640x480 MPEG-4 movies @ 60fps or 30fps with stereo audio ..."


What's not to like? [ok, it's still a bit more money than a regular camcorder, but...] :)

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OK, their advertizing IS overstating, but considering the BIG gain in resolution over today's standard camcorders it IS a big deal.


A decent "regular" camcorder is $300 -$500?


This thing is right at the top end of price (discounted at places?) and you can slip it into your shirt pocket!


I'd give this thing a look if (today) I was going to buy a camcorder.

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Interesting technology, but for editing, I wouldn't want any camcorder that records in MPEG anything. The software - at this point - just hasn't caught up. I haven't found an editor yet that doesn't re-render MPEG2 files. With the higher compression of MPEG4, I can't see that format being any different. Then the file will still have to be converted to MPEG2 for most DVD players and compatibility. It would be a nice solution of those that didn't need to edit the files, had a MPEG4 DVD player and a TV that could display it. Maybe great for the tech heads, but not very practical for the 'average' user.

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