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Two Short Dvds Into One Dvd



[The usual apologies if this has been addressed earlier - but the question itself is complicated]


I have two DVDs, each is fairly short. Like 20 mins/each. I want to put them on ONE DVD, with two subtitles/chapters. So basically, I want Toast to bring in both DVD images, and write it to one DVD.


I have "ripped" the DVDs to the Mac's hard drive - no problem. VOBs and all that. One directory for each DVD.


Toast only allows me to choose one DVD as a source.


Will "spanning" work here? I know this is too simple, please help


All the best

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I no longer have Toast 7 on my Mac but I believe it has a separate Media Browser window. If so, place one of the VIDEO_TS folders on the desktop and choose DVD with the top button of the Toast Media Browser. When something appears use the button just below "DVD" to access the titles level of VIDEO_TS folder. Drag what you want to the Toast Video window with DVD video selected as the format. Now do the same thing with the other ripped VIDEO_TS folder. Set up the menu the way you want (click on the thumbnail to see a scroll bar to select a different button image from the video). Choose Save as Disc Image or burn your new DVD.

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