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Problems Using Roxio Creator 2009 Capture Video



Oaky, so I have my new HP desktop running windows Vista 64-bit. I have Roxio Creator 2009 and I have two problems. The biggest one at the moment is the Capture video software.


I have my TV signal coming into the computer using RCA cables to the front of my computer. Roxio recognizes the signal just fine. I'm trying to get recorded programs off my DVR and burned to disk. Here ar emy problems:


1. The recordings look poor, you can see the pixels too easily and it's obvious that a computer was involved (what's the deal here?) I have a poor Presidian dvd burner that I previously ran the tv signal to and it would burn to disk with better quality, I never noticed pixels. I was hoping my "super computer" would handle everything flawlessly.


2. Help! I can capture the 1 hr shows just fine and they're on my computer. So 2 programs record properly, then on the 3rd I go through the entire show (I hate that I have to play entire programs just to get them onto my computer) and in the end I look and this time it only captured about 15 mins worth, even though I sat and watched it's time click through all 60 minutes... It's driving me crazy... wasted time only to have to replay it, and hope the video capture fairies are watching over it... Is anyone else getting this??? It's extremely frustrating....


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I love the fac that you can mark down just 60 mins, but the quality and irregularities kill the entire purpose of having this program.




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Ah, there's hope?


Yes using Roxio Media Import (the main menu simply lists "Capture Video".


Settings are: DVD HQ: 720x480, mpeg-2, 8Mbps


Next I have the tv signal comnig in using RCA cables (did I misunderstand your Q on player to PC?) To elaborate a bit further I have the dish cable going into a dvd burner/player and that output goes into the RCA inputs on the desktop computer.


Thanks, let me know if you have any suggestions, I thought I had everything the way it should be...

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Much better!


That is the "correct" program however it will only capture what it is given. If the results are poor, it is because that is what is being sent to it!


We know, or will at least assume, that the Analogue Output from the Player is good.


So we must assume that the problem is in the A/D converter… That would be the device you are plugging the RCA cables into.


These often have several settings they can use and can only be address through the special software that came with them.


Look into that and see what you can come up with.


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Thank you guys,

I have a Dish Network DVR, and it is downstairs. Updtairs where I'm at is the cable from the wall that receives the 2nd tuner signal from the dual-tuner box downstairs. I don't think I can go from the main tuner (if I were to bring it upstairs) directly into the computer (although I have the threaded cable input on the back) but on my first attempt at setting up the tv signal in Windows Media Center I couldn't figure out how to tell it to use channel 73 (the channel my dish signal is on) it only looks to 2,3,4 or s-video.


In regards to the signal, it shows perfect when viewing it in Roxio, but its after it has been captured, when I play it back it looks like I'm taking a video and viewing it larger than it should be viewed.


Thanks for the suggestions...





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Hello Jim,


Okay, I tried one of the video clips that I captured and it actually plays better as I would have expected. I tried to use WMM to capture it but it doesn't find the signal, I expect it's looking for something plugged in by firewire?


The RCA cables are plugged into the front of the computer's a/v in area. Here is a link to what the RCA input looks like:



and here is the computer itself: http://www.bestbuy.com/site/olspage.jsp?sk...d=1211587730323

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If there is any problem it is going to be the unnamed Personal Video Recorder… The specs don't say what it is but if you look real hard I'll bet there is some custom software to control it and to do capture from it…


Roxio has no control over it. The settings in Roxio are for the file it will create! If I capture garbage using Roxio, it will produce a high quality file that contains garbage…


Look through your PC because that software is what you are going to have to use! Perhaps you can set it to capture 720 X 480 mpg at 8mpbs or better. I am betting it will but it isn't something that Roxio has any control over.


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