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Invalid Product Key



Can anyone help please as Im getting NO support from Roxio Tech Help in fact they have been very slow at responding and totally unhelpful.


Turned off ALL firewalls including disconnection of internet router (as advised by Tech Help ) - PC direct to internet although I have been informed that the router would NOT be the cause of these problems by our IT support company. All antivirus software was disconnected.

Removed all DVDit HD software using control panel uninstall and re-installed.

Pasted Product Key directly from their email product registration document so no issue about 1 or 0 being misread etc

Product installs on PC but fails to run past the Product Validation screen


This is the first time I have ever had an issue with sonic products and I have been using DVDit Pro 6 ever since its release and before that DVDit and never a problem with registration or validation.


Does anyone have a fix or do I have to find alternative authoring software and get a refund?

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The ideal suggestion would be to contact Roxio Support and have build/cdkey verified. Just wondering in the due course, have you installed/downloaded any updated version? If the product was a download purchase, you could verify your CDkey information in the order by going to www.findmyorder.com/roxio and entering orderno. for order and password.

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