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Dvd Skips



I have been trying to burn movies to dvd without any luck. The dvd's play fine in my computer but do not play in my dvd player on my TV. I can't figure out what settings to use, speed, bit rate, etc..... Please help. I have movies saved on my computer which I would like to convert to dvd. :angry2:

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using roxio EMC9, using different media to include maxell dvd-r, magnavox dvd+r, sony dvd+r, and memorex dvd-r all of which are 4.7 GB; i use AVI DivX to DVD SVCD VCD Converter which creates video TS, VOB, DVD, and BOP files to burn to dvd. I'm confused as to which one to use although dvd is my first choice per common sense. I have tried to create dvd's in My DVD 9and under project settings I am confused about the preset which consists of fit to disc,hp, sp, lp, ep and custom. And then in video 720x480, 704x480,352x480, and 352x420?????? Next is the bit rate in Mb/sec???? and then audio; dolby, mpeg, lpcm, and the bit rate at kb/sec. and finaly there is the actual setting for burning the disc.... Whew..... Hopelessly cornfused. Can you help????


What settings?


What steps?


What does your Player say?


No charge for details :rolleyes:


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A little better…


MyDVD is the program that burns DVD Movies.


A 4.7 GB DVD will hold 1 hour of movie at 720 X 480 @ 9mbps: AKA HQ…


To get more time to fit you have to lower quality. When you lower quality too far, DVD Players begin to have trouble putting together what they are reading from the discs.


Most would recommend you avoid Memorex media but otherwise the rest should be OK.


I am still a little confused about your source DivX file??? How long (time) are they and what Roxio program are you using?


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